Breaking News Headlines | Endtimenews February 5, 2023

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2/05/2023 – Massive M7.8 (M8.1) Earthquake strikes Central Turkey / South Europe – SEISMIC UNREST

HullLIVE (=33) from HullDailymail (=77) mocking humanity: Humans get sterilised or euthanised when AI is given free rein to ‘save planet’ 

2/05/2023 – Earthquake activity across West Coast USA, Europe, and Asia – Seismic spread obvious 

New York (=666,222,33) Post reports: ‘Genetic engineering company touts plan to ‘de-extinct’ dodo bird’ 

Irish Examiner (=666): Funerals delayed due to: ‘huge upsurge in funerals’ (=111) 

Stations Across Antarctica Log Coldest January Temperatures Ever; Utah -62F; Asia’s All-Time Lows; The Stratosphere Has Suddenly Become Very, Very Cold 

Clown World: Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down on 35th Day of the Year  (This was not a real ‘spy balloon’)

US military shoots down Chinese spy balloon over Atlantic Ocean - DECODED SCRIPTED NEWS


BEWARE! Satanic Temple launches abortion clinic named after Catholic Supreme Court justice 

Russia warns it will ‘gain world’s attention’ on first anniversary of Ukraine war 

VFI (=222) news reports: Hezbollah Ramping up Presence on Israeli Border, despite ‘Security Council Resolution 1701’ (=666,111) forbids this 

Body cam footage from the Freemasonic crisis actors pretending to be the police has been released to the media  [website is back online] 

Staged Mass Shooting at Israeli Synagogue on Holocaust Remembrance Day


All you have to do is read the Headlines, and you already know enough.
Most of these are not as independent as they claim to be!


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