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Bill Gates Says ChatGPT As Big An Invention As The Internet | BEWARE! Microsoft has launched a NEW version of its search engine Bing and internet browser Edge, powered by the same OpenAI technology that works behind chatGPT! 

2/11/2023 – X1.1 Class Solar Flare – Eastern Limb Earth Facing 

WorldTribune (=322), WINDOW ON THE REAL WORLD (=111) reported: ‘Report: mRNA vaccines may be injected into livestock’ (=216=6x6x6=666)… [extremely coded and fear monger!] 

NDTV (=33) reports: Huge Piece Of Sun Breaks Off, Scientists Stunned 

Planet X News (=222,99,144) reports: ‘Undeniable’, warning the brotherhood? 

2/09/2023 – New Deep Earthquake below Turkey – potential for spread West – USA W. Coast due 

2/08/2023 – Seismic Activity Spreading – Turkey, Europe, and East Coast USA VIRGINIA moving now 

#Idolworship: Rio the Janeiro, Brazil – Idol statue ‘Jesus the redeemer’ struck by lightning 10-2-2023  (Image) 

Rio the Janeiro, Brazil - Idol statue 'Jesus the redeemer' struck by lightning 10-2-2023 

State of the Union 

February 7: Severe Weather in Texas and Turkey Amid Rescue Efforts 

2/07/2023 – Full Earthquake update on Turkey, Europe, Asia, and USA – Don’t be scared, be prepared 

News – Spy balloon, Ukraine to EU, ChatGPT & Bard, Earthquake in Turkey 

One of the hundreds satanic SHILL channels MP (=322,13,99,7) reports right to our face: ‘Wait for it’ 

Magnitude 7.8 earthquake hits Turkey and Syria 

U.S. Suffers Its Coldest-Ever Wind Chill Reading; Australia’s Summer Snow Extends To New Zealand, Leaving Behind Record Cold; M7.8 Earthquake Strikes Turkey 

Spy Balloons, SpaceX’s 33 Engine Test, and 33-Year-Old Teacher Found Dead 

Church Wants To Ban Calling God Father #pronoun Hugo Talks 

Clown World: U.S. Jet Shoots Down UFO Over Canada 

Freemason Dr. Mercola via ‘NeXus’ (=33): ‘More studies show fluoride affects brain and disrupts sleep’


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